EAT CAKE AND       DON’T WEAR             PANTS.

(Or ice cream. Or chocolate. Mmm, Ferrero Rocher… I don’t even know why I said cake, I don’t even like cake…)

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Hey! Razzi Grey here at your blog entertainment service!

Well, I guess I’m suppose to tell you a little bit about myself. Truth be told? I’m absolutely terrible about talking myself up. Thats probably why I chose blogging as my career of choice, because writing doesn’t seem as intimidating to me –
although I’m thinking now that, since I’m doing content creation profesionally and not as a hobby, it probably should be, huh?

Well anyway, I am a writer, live streamer, and new to youtube. I have loved content creation since before it had it’s own identity and decided I was going to share it with you – all the good, the bad, and the ugly!

So hello and welcome… *pause for dramatic effect* … to “THE GREY LYRIC”!

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This is a contact page, where you can comment and send me your thoughts!